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Power up your process engineering knowledge

With Online Simulations in Chemical and Process Engineering, you can quickly learn the skills necessary to design installations and equipment in industry. Gain powerful knowledge with us and power up your process engineering know-how.


Process engineering simulation

We offer comprehensive simulations of chemical and process engineering for students and professionals looking to learn more about engineering principles, processes, components, optimization techniques, control systems and more. Through expert guidance in our virtual environment you will deepen your knowledge in areas such as design of plants, installations & equipment used in the manufacturing process.

Chemical reactors modeling

Our services cover design, optimization and simulation-based development stages such as setting up parameters for various conditions or defining reaction kinetics. We apply advanced techniques and use sophisticated software to help our customers make more informed decisions about their process engineering projects.

Process control simulations

We provide online process control simulations to help students and engineers learn how to design, analyze and optimize chemical reactions, processes and equipment. Our simulations include a variety of tools that can be used for analyzing process dynamics, process optimization techniques, heat transfer principles as well as chemical reaction mechanisms.