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Softinery offers services related to chemical engineering processes, such us system analysis,  process design and modelling, simulation, verification and parameters identification. We have unique commercial and academic experience in merging applied mathematics and science knowledge in projects related to chemical reaction engineering, combustion, process simulation software development, statistical and physical mathematical models. Our company offers services based on expertise in areas including:

  • Optimization
  • Machine learning
  • Numerical methods
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Control and fault diagnosis
  • Signal, audio and video processing

Try our online for chemical engineeringsimulation software

Our new web application is designed for modeling and simulation of various processes, such as chemical reactors and PID control systems. It is continuously developed to cover more problems related to chemical processes and unit operations, like steady-state and dynamic simulation, heat exchangers, distillation, thermodynamics and more. Our software is a unique process simulator available online without necessity for installation, useful for process engineers, chemical engineering students and early career researchers. Try it for free!

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