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Calculations in Chemical Engineering Blog

Our blog is focused on computations and simulations in chemical engineering. We are presenting solutions related with such processes like bioreactors, chemical equilibrium, chemical reactor engineering and more. We are also discussing implementations of common engineering problems such us curve fitting, differential equations and data visualization. In tutorials we use programming languages like Python and Scilab. They will be useful for chemical engineers who focus specific problems requiring individual approach.

CSTR design

Fundamentals of modelling and design of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors

Chemical equilibrium – Scilab

The knowledge of the mechanisms and principles of the chemical equilibria is very important for any chemical engineer. Read how to solve a problem in this field using Scilab.

Tubular reactor

Tubular reactors are widely used in gas or liquid phase systems. Examples of industrial processes include synthesis of ammonia and oil cracking.

System of differential-algebraic equations in Python

Solution of a problem from electrical engineering. The system consists of differential and algebraic equations (DAEs).

PID controller in Python

Proportional-Integral-Differential controllers are commonly used in the industry. Here, you will find an implementation of a control system with a PID control.

Lecture notes in process control

A set of lectures and exercises in process control. I prepared it during several years when I teached foreign students in CUT.

Python for engineers

A list of Python libraries every process, operations engineers should know.

Plug-flow reactor simulation

Simulation of plug-flow chemical reactor in Python for first-order and second-order reaction.

Batch bioreactor

Batch bioreactor modelling and simulation.

Lotka-Volterra model

Tutorial about modeling and simulation of predator-prey system. You can find code with implementation of an example problem.

Linear regression

Article on linear regression using scikit learn in Python

Differential equations

This tutorial shows how to use Python for solving differential equations which are one of the most important problems in engineering.

Curve fitting

Learn about curve fitting in python using curve_fit from scipy library. Examples presented here concern different mathematical functions: linear, exponential, power and polynomial.

Online Curve Fitting Tool

This online tool can be used for fitting linear function as well as for functions such us: polynomial, power and exponential.

Data visualisation

Analyzing big data is a difficult process that can be greatly simplified with data visualisation tools.